Imagine . . .

having to flee from an abusive home.

Layla and Gabriel were forced to flee the family home when their father became abusive. Their mother Marissa barely managed to scrape together enough money for shelter for herself and her two young children. Their small apartment in a low-income section of Santa Fe has no furniture—just mattresses and blankets on the floor—and all too often, the children and their mother go without meals.

During the school week, the teachers at Chaparral make sure Layla and Gabriel get breakfast and a hot lunch, but they worry how the children will make it through the weekend. To tide them over until Monday, their teachers see to it that the children leave on Friday carrying the special Food 4 Kids backpacks provided by The Food Depot—filled with healthy kid-friendly food, such as fruit juice, fruit cups, breakfast bars, granola bars and tuna or chicken.

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