Our response to COVID-19 in Northern New Mexico

We are here for Northern New Mexico

Read The Food Depot’s logistics on adapting to the COVID-19 situation here.

State of New Mexico hotlines:
• COVID-19 health-related questions: 855-600-3453
• All other issues including food security, childcare, and school: 833-551-0518

The Food Depot has a long history of serving as a disaster relief organization and has a disaster plan in place. The focus of preparedness has been on wildfires, but The Food Depot is rapidly adapting. Distribution plans for pandemics are new to The Food Depot, but be assured that the organization is continually working to adjust to the changing environment. The food bank is positioned to serve its community and is actively preparing alternative distribution strategies, as well as acquiring food and other resources.

We advocate that community members build a 72-hour emergency preparedness kit. Learn how to build a kit here. You can best support your community when you are adequately prepared to care for yourself in case of an emergency. You’ve seen the news. Shelves cleared of toilet paper and bottled water. Are those the items you need most? Click the link and find out (spoiler: no).

How can you help?

Learn more about volunteering at this time.

Monetary support

Read our statement why we are not accepting food donations at this time.

Food Drives

Note: We are not accepting food or hosting food drives at this time. Read more why: Food drives statement


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