Our staff members are available to answer your questions by phone or email.

If you need food assistance, want to make a donation, or have general questions, contact Mona Ruark. If you want to discuss general agency support or need help with a particular agency program, contact Viola Lujan. To volunteer, contact the volunteer coordinator. To schedule a food drive or discuss event planning, contact Dot Greene. Please contact Jennifer West for any press or marketing related inquiries.


Sherry Hooper
505-471-1633 Ex. 110


Mona Ruark
Office Administrator
505-471-1633 Ex. 112

Robyn Archuleta
Finance Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 131


Jill Dixon
Director of Development
505-471-1633 Ex. 116

Viola Lujan
Program Manager
505-471-1633 Ex. 111

Elizabeth Egelhoff
Program Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 120

Jennifer West
Community Engagement Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 126

Sarah Carter
Volunteer Relations Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 115

Dot Greene
Events and Outreach Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 130


Justin Peters
Director of Warehouse Operations
505-471-1633 Ex. 114

Scott Alexander
Distribution Manager
505-471-1633 Ex.113

Brian Erle
Warehouse Project Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 132

Samuel Madrid
Acquisitions Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 113

Jerome Sanchez
Maintenance Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 113

Leonard Roybal
Receiving Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 128

Fred Santistevan
Delivery Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex.113

Alex Martinez
Product Distribution Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 113

Henry Trujillo
Distribution Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex.113

Laci Valdez
Warehouse Project Assistant
505-471-1633 Ex. 132

Jerry Wagner
Distribution Coordinator
505-471-1633 Ex. 127


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